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Management and accounting of IP traffic for cable and wireless ISPs

Download an up-to-date list with Bulgarian prefixes here: list of Bulgarian prefixes. Information about the list and instructions how to update the list in IPACCT is located here: Bulgarian prefixes


Latest stable versions:
FLASHOS: 6.28.14
IFMGR: 3.24
IPACCT: 3.46
IPBILL: 2.41

Installations with version below 2.0 are no longer supported

Arping for Windows version 1.0. Download from here: Arping for Windows

New stable version 2.66: Complete web-based management, access levels, installation of ATA flash + hard drive, easier link between subscriber and service group, advanced search, connection between networks and devices to resetters, embedded NAT, built-in support of PPPoE, integration with DOCSIS CMTS from Motorola, Arris, Riverstone and Cisco UBR, automatic update of prefix lists, integration with payment systems and others.

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